Meet Katy

Hi, I'm Katy.
I am a 21-year-old student pursuing a career in artful living.
No, it's not a real major, but after changing mine from studio art, to fashion design,
 and now finally interior design, as an artist I've found that it's not about the major at all.
It's about collaborating everything you learn from all aspects and mediums of art
 and then incorporating them into your own creations and career.

I've had the amazing opportunity to study fashion at two of the nation's top art schools: 
Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute. 
There I learned what it took to take on art as a career:
 an insane amount of guts. 

NYC was a bit intimidating for a southern girl like me.
 Marc Jacobs and Phillip Lim aren't exactly the easiest designers to compete with.
 So, I moved back to Memphis and decided I'd live a simpler life...

Oh, and how thankful I am now that I did.

I am a lover of all things "artful." 
Everything from interior decorating and styling, 
to nail and cake art - I just can't get enough of.
If it gets your creative juices flowing,
 I am so in. 

So, If you're like me,
you know what it's like living life through artful eyes.

Everyday is a new project, a new challenge, and a new excuse to stalk 
the internet for hours in search of artful enlightenment. 

Come on,
let's see where this artful road takes us.

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