Turquoise Bliss

Hello girls! Hope everyone had or is having a fabulous labor day weekend. I know I am! I have been having so much fun designing mood boards for the new house. The family room/kitchen is going to be white & cream with pops of turquoise, pink and brown accents. The master bedroom is also going to be mainly cream & white with light pink accents and the dining room is beige and chocolate. Stay tuned for pics and updates!

I just can't get over how much I love today's room. It just proves that it doesn't take ten grand and a mansion to create a gorgeous space. All of the furniture and accessories were bought at affordable prices from stores like Ikea and Target. I glad I discovered it via Simply Kelly Blog.

Doesn't it feel so fresh and clean? It's just a happy space. The white details give it a crisp touch. 

The owner of this fab room is photographer Katelyn James. You should definitely check out her site here. Well, that's all for today. Love y'all.

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  1. I love your touches today Kathy. They are inspiring. Hope everything works out beautifully and when you have completed your little projects - please share. x Suzi


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