I'm back to house hunting and I think my parents and I are ready to make an offer! We found a gorgeous 4 bedroom home in a fantastic location. I am beyond excited! I can't wait to show off pictures when we finally close the deal. We made our first offer today and we are waiting to hear back from the bank. Cross your fingers & wish us luck! I am really ready to have my own space. I am 21 and kind of growing out of my childhood room. I spend most of my time at my boyfriend's house just to get away from the chaotic fam. Gotta love them though. They have been great to me. I think it is just time that I live on my own. Don't you think?

I am also looking forward to the beach this weekend! My boyfriend's family invited us to their annual vacation to Myrtle beach. I've never been to Myrtle before but I'm sure it will be beautiful. Has anyone been there before? What is it like? Any good shopping? Hehe. Some days I need a break from the hot July sun. Anyways, it should be fun. I don't know his family too well since they live in Baltimore. I think this will really give me some time to get to know them a little better. It is a 12 hour drive.. ugh - but it will be worth it!

So all together things are really looking up. I don't blog about it much but this year has been exceptionally hard. Alot of things have gone wrong.. that is one of the reasons I don't blog as much. I struggle with depression and bipolar issues. Some days it is just hard to get motivated or inspired. Everyday it is a challenge. However, things are slowly getting better. I know the Lord has a plan and I just need to trust in him. :)

I made a living room mood board today. I don't make them too often because I struggle with photoshop. I'm not very tech savvy! Hope you guys like it. I think it would make a fabulous space. Very feminine but not too girly. I am trying to stray away from all the pink and frills! I'd love to hear what you think :)

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  1. Hi Katy!
    I love the mood board! So lovely and elegant - like u say; feminin, but not too girly.
    I hope u get that new house,i will cross my fingers for you :)
    "Remember that you are beautiful, talented, amazing and simply the best at being you!Never forget that" ♥
    (I found this beautiful words and think it`s so nice and everybody needs to hear it sometimes)

    Happy friday from Norway-


  2. Great pieces! My friend has been looking for a chair like that pink one for her room. I'll have to tell her to check it out! Good luck with the house!!!

    xoxo MyStyleVita.com

  3. If you like people and shopping, you'll like Myrtle Beach. We always stay a bit north where it's more quiet, about 40 minutes or so away...or is it south? Can't remember. :) Best wishes on your prospective home. I, too, struggle with melancholia, which is probably why I'm a poet....no, it's not something you can simply talk yourself out of; it just is. And you work through it with as much grace, sometimes not much :) as you can. Thank goodness for fresh mercy every morning. Have a great day ~ xox Alexandra

  4. Love the mood board ! Have a great time at the beach :)


  5. Hey Katy! Fun mood board! If you need a hand with anything just shout :) sarah@sarahswansondesign.com

    Have a wonderful trip.. I've heard incredible things about Myrtle Beach! x

  6. Hey Katy! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I really appreciate your comment. :)

    Hope you get the house, it will be so exciting to be able to own and decorate your own house. The freedom to express yourself is endless! Love both the pink turfed chair and the silver chair, they are so gorgeous!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend at the beach! Beautiful blog, a new follower!


  7. Sorry to hear about your struggles w/ depression. Depression runs in my family so I know how hard it can be on people and have experienced a bad bout in my 20's... awful. If you need someone to listen, EVER, just email me. xoxo


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