Hey lovely girls! So lately I have really been working on finding time to make art for my Etsy shop. Right now there are such few pieces that it's almost embarrassing. I am always curious as to how some shop owners have the time to make so many items! I am so jealous. I am assuming they are either stay-at-home moms, older women with grown kids, or girls in their 20s. I only have two more weeks of my job left so hopefully I can make time dedicated solely to art-making. However, it won't be long 'til school starts and my schedule will become packed again. I am also convinced that the boyfriend takes up some of my time too. He is no way an inconvenience, it's simply the fact that relationships require alot of time in order to sustain a healthy partnership.

Anyways, I spent the majority of last night searching for inspiring Etsy artwork to get my creativity flowing. It's absolutely amazing how many fabulous finds you can discover there. Something I have always wanted to do is distress wood. I've attempted it several times but failed because I never read directions. Hehe.. I've always hated following directions and tried to avoid them at all costs. Last night I finally gave and read the steps. I was shocked at how simple the process is. I found some beautiful unfinished wood on Etsy that I ordered last night.  Now I'm so excited about putting my new skills to the test! 

Here are some of my favorite distressed finds. I'd love to receive your input- and I promise I am going to start doing a better job about replying to comments!

Have you distressed wood before? Was it fairly easy? 

Distressed Love Sign (price unknown)

[ Keep Calm & Etsy On ]


  1. fun shop! thanks for your kind comment...
    happy tuesday!

  2. I like distressed wood! Looking forward to see your new creations!

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  3. I love your new site design! I browsed through your portfolio...wow! I am soo jealous! I wish I could draw, paint, etc. like that! Have a good weekend :)

  4. Awesome blog! Thank you for featuring my distressed work.



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