Feather Heads

Girls all over the world are sporting this new creative craze: hair feathers. Everyone from Steven Tyler and Kesha to your best friend down the street is in love with the new fad. Personally I think they are not only sophisticated, but they also make you stand out in the crowd. 

There are tons of reasons why this look is so popular and versatile.

1) They are still new.
 Not everyone you know are wearing them nor can they all pull them off (take my executive mother for example). But if you do decide to get feathered I'm betting you'll be the talk of the town.

2) They aren't permanent. 
Feather extensions are especially great if you've ever wanted to try something different but still aren't ready. If you decide that they just aren't for you then instead of spending $$$ at the salon, you can remove them at home in a matter of seconds. 

3) There is a variety of  styles, smoking hot colors, and high & low prices. 
If you want to go the more professional route you can purchase them and have them put in at your salon. The downfall is it can cost up to %50 more than it would if you bought them on Etsy and inserted them yourself. 

4) For upkeep simply shampoo and blow-dry like you would your own hair.
 You also have the ability to curl the extensions, krimp, or straighten them. They can last up to 2 months if you treat them with care.

5) You can play them subtle, you can play them scattered, or you can play them wild & crazy.
Depending upon how many feathers you insert, how long they are, or where they are located on your head can say alot of things. Going for a more "look at me" kinda look? Try placing some short ones near the roots of your bangs. Bright colors are also a crowd pleaser - but don't over do it. Balance off the color with a few tresses of darks and neutrals.

Here's a wacky fact that I bet you didn't know: feather extensions may not be here for long. Companies are finding it harder and harder to supply this "high demand" trend. There seems to be a shortage in birds that create these gorgeous accents. Fisherman are having to pay more for feathers because of their increasing rareness.

What's your take on this hot look?
Would you wear them?

Want to take the plunge & apply them yourself? Here is a link that takes you step by step. 

fourteen (sold) . fifteen ($28, etsy) . sixteen ($28, etsy) . seventeen (sold)

[ keep calm & feather on ]


  1. I have a lot of friends going for this trend -- I'm still a little unsure if I'll end up going for it though -- Great post :)

  2. I've wanted to try this too, but I feel like can't pull it off haha!

  3. I got them during the holidays...had them for about six months and they just fell out ! I love them.


  4. My friend just got feathers put in and it looks adorable! I'm not sure it would like right on me so I appreciate when others can pull it off : )

  5. I love this look! I would love it for a night out, but not sure I would want them in for more than that...looks awesome though!

  6. I wouldn't do it - but I still like the look on someone else. I'm in to low maintenance hair!!

  7. I love this look! My friends is actually getting some TODAY! I will be getting some soon enough!


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