Away in Paradise

Did you miss me? Sorry, I was somewhere very close to paradise. Crystal clear waters, porcelain white sands, and a blazing sun.. yep, you guessed it - florida! My family and I just got back from Watercolor, FL. It is like a little slice of heaven with a cape-cod feel. The weather was perfect, although hot, but nevertheless lovely. My brother brought his adorable girlfriend Shelby, I had my man, and my parents had.. well, eachother. That made it a three couple trip which was kind of neat. I mean, lets be honest here, the trip wasn't perfect.. I definitely had some hormonal ups and downs (you know where I'm going with this). But overall it wasn't a complete disaster. Haha. Heres a few snap shots I took of paradise. 

What do you think of my photography skills? I really tried. I'm finally getting the hang of it I think!

Okay, so my parents are in the market to purchase a beach home in a part of Florida called "Alys Beach." It is absolutely the most magnificent part of FL you could imagine. If you haven't visited Alys your missing out! Cobble stoned pathways, beautiful white stucko, tendrels of ivy spiral staircases.. okay enough! You will see for yourself. Here are a few snap shots of a couple houses we saw. Still thinking about which one we like best. Everyone is nagging at my Dad it's hilarious. 

First house 
Very modern feel. Beautiful oak everywhere. 
The smallest but perhaps the one with most character.

Second House
Don't you love the blue tiled backdrop in the kitchen?
 And I absolutely adore the glass cabinets. This is my favorite!

This is just an overview of the village. Don't you love it? It is very secluded and private. Oh, and it's only a 7 hour drive from Memphis! Yaye.

I have missed y'all. I promise - MORE POSTS!
Have a happy weekend.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stunning photos.

    The second house looks cozier...

  2. lovely post !
    gorgeous pics


  3. Hi Katy, I'm coming over from the Zhush. Lovely to meet you, I definitely like your style. I'm your newest follower, and I hope you'll hop over to see me too. I'm a jewelry designer in Houston and mostly do fashion, flowers and all things gorgeous.

  4. Aw Welcome back! Great photos and glad you had a good time. Hope you were able to relax some :)

  5. Oh second house is my favorite - nice work with the photos :) I'm practicing/learning too.


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