7 Gorgeous Bedrooms

A bedroom is a woman's castle. It is her perfect place to escape all of life's chaos. Her bedroom should reflect the inside of her soul - right down to the color of the outlet covers. My room is a work in progress. I am constantly swapping out pillows and re-arranging shelves. Things seem to get boring very easily. Although I am not in it often, I still want it to be a place that makes me smile when I enter it.

I just love walking into my little haven of peace every night. It is so nice to be around familiar things after a long day of unfamiliarity. Who cares that I still don't have matching pillows and a few empty shelves? (I am in the process of renovating my room). I always look forward to sinking my body into a cloud full of pink sheets and breathing in the sweet aroma of childhood. Yes, I still live with my parents. We are actually in search of a house for me. I am almost 21 and in dier need of my own space! Urrghh... one day.

Is your bedroom clean or messy? Does it reflect your personality or is it more for looks?

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  1. I love the one with the XOXO sign!! Thanks for the sweet comment.. had a great time but also happy to be back home :)


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