My Pink Palace

Each of you has a special place they can call, "my room." It is a divine place we can go at the end of the day to escape the hustle and bussle of the world. It represents our personality and holds some of our most precious treasures. Our room is where we spend 1/3 of our lives.. although most of that time we are unconscious.  Nonetheless, our rooms will always be our most intimate and comfortable hideaway in the world.

My room is a work in progress. Though I am almost 21 years old, I still live with my parents. We have been house hunting for several months but still haven't found my dream home. So, in the meantime I have decided to spruce up my teen-themed room. As I mentioned a couple of months earlier, my room was professionally decorated when I was 13 for a local magazine, Justine Magazine. European fabrics, sassy accents, bright wall ornaments, girly bows, and hot pink wallpaper engulfed me. Being the little fashionista that I was (and still am), I absolutely loved it! However, 8 years later I am feeling a bit nauseated. 

So I decided to change a few things. New bedspread on the way, threw the chase lounge out, and I re-decorated the shelves. I don't spend too much time in there anymore though. Now that I have a job and a boyfriend I am either working or at my boyfriend's house. I went and bought some fashion books and roses yesterday and I think they are really bringing the room together. Check it out.

The first image is of my end table, the second is my shelves & the third is a close up of my shelf. I absolutely LOVE tiaras. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the royal family or that I just like the whole princess idealism. Either way, they are beautiful.

Here is my end table. Excuse my unmade bed. What do you think of my new handmade lamp shade? I bought it on from Pinkderella on Etsy. You need to check her out!

I love my new elephant from Furbish Studio! Isn't he adorable? I bought the zebra tray at hobby lobby and my fluer de lis from a local boutique. I think zebra and pink is always a fun combination. 

The two decorative plates are another wonderful purchase from Furbish Studio!

My vanity. Ah, what girl doesn't love her vanity? It is my favorite place in my room. I love waking up every morning and deciding what face I am going to put on that day. Oh, the perks of being a girl!

Okay I am obsessed with my new Iphone cover! I also purchased this little gem on Etsy. Casemoda made it for me. She is amazing! She has so many designs and her work is so pristine. I would definitely reccommed buying a case from her. Especially if you are looking for something totally glammed out.

So that's just a snip-it of my re-decorated room! More photos later. Hope everyone is having a wonderful, stressless week. (Is that even possible?)

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  1. LOVE it all! so fabulous and girly!

  2. Great photos!! :)
    ciao ciao from Rome


  3. Love your blog, just found it - fabulous! I'm your newest follower!


  4. OBSESSED with your room! It's so sassy, I love it hunnie. I will def be stealing some ideas from you. Good job xxo

  5. Love your vanity!!! where did you find it?


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