I can officially say from experience that being a mom or a babysitter is no easy job. I'm not a mom yet, thank God, but I am spending my summer watching a 3-month-old little boy named Wells. Don't get me wrong, he is an adorable little nugget - but boy is he hard work! I was thinking - wow! This will be great, I will have so much time to blog and work on art. All they do is sleep right? Think again. He takes so much attention! This is the first time I have been on the internet all week. I thought that surely the summer would give me some time to catch up on my site. But no...

I hardly got one paragraph in before I had to go attend to Wells for an hour. I shouldn't be complaning though. I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for this. Atleast this tells me one thing - I don't want kids for a long time! Haha. They sure are adorable, but time for yourself completely flys out the window. I mean, you should see me right now. I am a wreck! I am still in pajamas, no make-up, & house shoes. Not a pretty site!

I am thankful I'm not working a job where I have to hang up clothes or make sandwiches all day. But seriously, this is like the same job a mom has. I have to balance keeping a home clean, errands, and a 3-month-old for 11 hours a day! By the time 6:00 pm comes around I am exhausted! All I feel like doing is sleeping... Thank God for starbucks!

I just got the latest editions of Style at Home. Yaye! These are probably my two favorite home magazines. I decided I'd share the highlights with you.

I have always been obsessed with these sun mirrors. How wonderful does it look ontop of the bed? The bed post is gorgeous as well. I love the little carved out flowers. I could definitely see this being my bedroom one day.

How fabulous are these turquoise stripes? It is so easy to ruin a room with stripes, but in here.. the stripes make the room. This looks like a fashionista's office dream. This is the type of environment I would love to create art and do my work in. Perhaps she is a fashion designer? The mannequin screams designer. I think it is simply chic.

I love this little perfume and accessorie arrangement on the left. It is so feminine and glamourous. Perfumes look fabulous upon a glass tray. I lost mine - go figure - so I've been on a search for a new one. I also love the pops of color throughout the shelves and room on the right. It looks like such a summery, happy room.

Okay, what a gorgeous room! And talk about pattern. This room definitely pulled it off. I love the chest at the end of the bed. The pattern is so detailed and dramatic. The deep colors of the bed give off a passionate vibe. I'm not sure I'd have this as my room but I sure do enjoy looking at it.

This room feels like a breath of fresh air. All the light touches give it a summery essence. I could see this house looking over a gorgeous florida beach. It is very organic and elegant. I love the shape of the chairs and love seats. Beautiful

This room is so ME. It has all the accents and combinations that I love: beautiful art, pink flowers, animal printed pillows, strips, and a tufted chair and footstool. Perfection.
This vanity is so simple and beautiful. I love how bare and clean it is. Just enough feminine touches to make it girly. The feather painting is my favorite. I think it does a nice job drawing in all the other colors in the space. 

I love black & white. The pattern on the back of the dinning chairs is so very chic. Literally, I would give up my left pinky finger for them. Yes, it might hurt, but I'd have the most gorgeous chairs on the block!

Okay, so I am going to try with all my might to post tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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  1. Ha ha yes babies are a shock to the system, I was back working part time when my son my 3 months old I didnt really have much choice at the time & before he was a year old id become a single mum (thanks to a cheating partner)& was also back at college on top of work sometimes I dont know how I did it but then I was blessed with a very good baby thank the Lord.
    Loving the images some great picks this morning, love the four poster bed

  2. Thanks for posting those great images! I think I need to go pick up Style at Home! I always love another great interior mag! Kids do take a lot of work...hang in there!

  3. kids are the MOST amazing gift but they are a ton of work. that's why it is so so important to be ready for it all. thanks for posting the new style at home cover! can't wait to read it all...

  4. You crack me up! I am a mom of young boys and I know your "pains" very, very well :) Love your style, way to keep it going! XO, kelly

  5. HA. Yes taking care of babies is a HARD job. ;)

    I love love love that feather painting. :)

  6. Loooooooooooove this post :)

    the photos are gorgeous, the colors, the textures ! Love !!


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