My Pink Palace

Hi Ladies! I hope you had a gorgeous spring Saturday.
The tempeture here in Memphis was a sizzling 95 degrees.
Yep, I really enjoyedsweating my you know what off and sneezing from
 the crazy amount of pollen all day.. not. But hey, what am I complaining about?
 Just a few weeks ago I was fighting off frost bite and wearing 5 layers of clothes.
The only real thing that bothers me about spring and summer
 is that I have to show more skin. Ugh.

I have to be honest, I definitely put on a little love layer since fall and
 there is no way I am letting these jelly rolls go loose. So, I decided to do something
 about it. Here's a hint.. it's one of the most awful, painful, horrendous and dreaded things ever.. a diet. I hate diets! Who doesn't? Saying no to the cinnamon crunch bagel at Panera Bread seriously has to be as hard as climbing Mount Everest. I'm telling you, I have absolutely no self-disipline when it comes to food. I am a sugar-addict, cupcake fanatic, say-yes-to-everything fatty. I try to embrace my body regardless of my weight, but sometimes you just can't help but want to change it. I keep telling myself over and over,

"remember, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!" 

It really is time I get healthy though. The daily Dunkin' Donuts stops must come to an end.
However, I know that in 1 month I won't regret missing one bite. It's only when you're watching your friend indulge in a piece of chocolate cake while you sit and bite your nails that it's really hard.  I can't wait to stop feeling physically uncomfortable all the time. I can't wait to catch myself in a reflection and think, "damn, I look good!" 

I need encouragement. I don't want anyone saying, "oh you don't need to lose any weight!"
Because guess what, I know they're lying. All I want to lose is about 20 lbs and tone up my arms and stomach. Oh, and don't base my weight off of my profile picture.. that was 3 years ago when I was a stick! My current weight is 142 and my goal weight is 122. Wish me luck y'all! 

Today I decided I'd post some snapshots of my room. Now, keep in mind that this is my childhood room. It hasn't had a make-over in 8 years. Don't get me wrong, I love pink.. but a room with everything but the toilet pink - what was my mom thinking? Okay, it was adorable when I was thirteen. Infact, it was featured in Justine Magazine. 

Remember, I am NO photographer! I can make any kind of art you'd like.. but don't ask me to take a picture! But hey, I tried. Have a lovely, lazy Sunday y'all.

[ keep calm & blog on ]


  1. Good luck with that diet. They are not fun at all. But I suppose you're right, you won't miss that cupcake a month from now.

    Cute room.

  2. Love the bed and all the pink. And good luck with the diet...always tough but once you get into a routine it will be much easier !!


  3. I loved the pictures. Good luck with the diet, but remember don´t sacrifice yourself, that never works! only try to eat little amounts ech time.

  4. Adorable....good luck on the diet :)

  5. You are too cute! Good luck and I'm with you on the diet... I need to lose that 20 too =)

  6. i love this quote from you:
    I try to embrace my body regardless of my weight, but sometimes you just can't help but want to change it.
    agreed! good luck with the diet!

  7. love the colours in these pictures! I just did a cleanse for 12 days soooo hard but ohh well at least I ate really healthy for 12 days.. good luck with your diet :)

  8. aww honey! good luck with your diet!

    don't forget to also let yourself indulge every now and then :] being healthy and having a positive attitude about food is what's most important!


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