I am so excited to introduce the newest member of my family, Bailey.
  He is a 5 month old minature apricot poodle.  We adopted him from a wonderful shelter
 called Sunny Meadows.  They rescue dogs from puppy mills or abusive homes.  
In Bailey's case, he was saved from an awful puppy mill

Bailey is absolutely, hands down, the best dog I have ever had. 
He's a non-stop cuddler, doesn't chew furniture, and has YET to have an accident 
in the house. I'm telling you, it has to be a poodle thing. I have never
 been so in love with a little dog as I am this one.  I'm the
 luckiest puppy Mom on the planet! 

By the way, he is the reason I've been too busy to post.  I've been getting 
him acclimated and into a routine. Sorry y'all. 
It won't happen again!

My little cream puff 

Today I want to post some ultra-gorgeous vanities.
 There is something so sacred and special about a woman's vanity.
 It's where beauty is transformed, enhanced, & perfected. It is a little place where 
everything is right in the world. Yes, every girl has her bad hair days, but majority of the time I absolutely love getting ready. I have so much fun playing around with my cosmetics and
 mixing fragrances. Every morning you get to decide who your going to be that day.
 Are you going to go Kardashian-Krazy or beautifully bare?
 Oh, the perks of being a girl!

one . two . three . four . five . six . seven . eight

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.
 I look forward to hearing what you think of the new puppy! 

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  1. Oh Katy what a gorgeous little puppy yes you are lucky but so is the little cutie you have rescued. Daisy (my dog) has never chewed furniture either thankfully (although she does like to steal my knickers from the wash basket incredibly embarrassing if guests come round & she is woundering around with a pair in her mouth the little minx.) she also likes tug of war with my sons socks in the morning when he tries to put them on so funny.
    Anyway those vanity dressers are lovely I agree its important for a girl to have a special space to get ready.xx

  2. The vanities are gorgeous... I should really make a space for one. I end up sitting on the bathroom counter to put on make up. Love your new addition... I am a huge dog lover! They love so unconditionally and act like you've been gone for a year if you just go to the mailbox. Enjoy! xo

  3. Bailey is one adorable pup, and sounds happy to have adopted you!
    xo Cathy

  4. Bailey is as sweet as all those delightful vanities that you posted :-)! You will love being his mom...enjoy every minute...on that note my little guy is asking to go on a walk...
    xo Crystal

  5. We are a poodle loving family too. We had a white toy poodle for 14 years and now have a standard poodle named Betty. They are the best dogs! Enjoy - they give so much love!

  6. What a precious little guy. So cute! He's a scene stealer and a luck guy to have such a loving mom. It was hard to walk past the dogs at Pet Smart today. I wish I could bring them all home, so I'm glad to know that there is a story with a happy ending.

  7. OMG! bailey is adorable!! i'm such a dog lover and i'm so glad he's got a good home now!! :-)

  8. Beautiful photos and omgosh is he adorable !!! Congrats...must be tons of fun and lots of work too :)


  9. How lovely to have a little one to cuddle and the fact that you rescued him is extra cool. We have a little dog who is my constant joy.
    Your vanities today are lovely too - it has taken me a wee while to get the one I want. It is not unlike your first picture. I just love my french room.

  10. Congratulations on Bailey. What a sweet little pookie pie. Your collages are soft and romantic. Thank you for reminding me that getting ready does not always have to be a chore. :) Have a lovely day, and thank you for your kind words, Katy ~ xox Alexandra

  11. Awww! Your little Bailey is absolutely adorable!!! What a sweet little fuzzball. :) I love all of those vanities! PRETTY!

  12. Congratulations on the new pup - he's adorable!

  13. What a cutie! That's so great you gave him a loving home! The vanities are so pretty! Just found your fabulous blog and am now following!

  14. your puppy is CUTTTTE!!!!! and i love the color scheme of the pictures...i just stumbled on your blog...love love LOVE it!

  15. Congratulations on Bailey!... gorgeous round up of vanities!

  16. Congrats on your new baby! I had an apricot poodle named Dottie and I miss her so much! I love your beautiful blog. Have a great weekend!


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