How was your Easter?  Does your family have any traditions?  Believe it or not, my family really doesn't.  When it comes to holidays, we just go with the flow.  Our only tradition on Easter is that we always go to our favorite restaurant, Houston's, after church.  They have the best steaks in Memphis!  Yum.

Lots will be happening this week!  Stitches will be gone by Tuesday (thank you, Lord!), Tom moves into his new house, my final art project is due, I’ll be getting rental car (I'm carless at the moment), and I’m getting psyched about my new job.  I just pray I don't have any more accidents.  Please Lord, no wrecks, no broken iPhones, no visits to the emergency room. I’m not sure how all of that happened in one week, but if trouble really comes in three’s, at least I’m done for a while!

And this is my last week of school!  Hooray!  However, the stress isn't completely over.  I start my summer job next Monday.  I am going to have the enormous responsibility of caring for a 3 month old every Monday through Friday.  Babies are my life.  But I am expecting a lot of work.  I'm sure after I get into a routine, we’ll have fun. Naptime = blogtime!  I am really looking forward to it. (I need more responsibilities!)

I found some awesome spring steals on Asos.com today. If you haven't visited this website you need to! It is a British based online clothing store. I'm telling you, they have some amazing finds. There is something exciting about purchasing something you can't get in the states. Check them out!

How sexy-fabulous are these dresses? If you have an amazing figure flaunt it in the middle dress with the cut out. If you are like me and you don't, cover it up with the airy pleated dresses. I actually broke down and bough the dress on the right. It just looks heavenly.

I love how unique this dress on the left is. I could never find that here in Memphis! It actually wouldn't be hard to make. Just alot harder to get into (for me). Haha. And I think this hippie-care-free style on the right is so easy and cozy. It's a great outfit for a day of shopping in SOHO. You could also wear the little floral top as a bathing suit coverup. It would look gorgeous on the beach!

I can't wait to get into one of these babies! Just a couple more weeks at the gym. Aren't they lovely? The white one has to be my favorite. It looks great on tan skin. It would have been perfect for Easter. The yellow reminds me of a wedding rehearsal or perhaps Easter as well. Either way, all three are perfect for this spring & summer.
I think these bags are simply wonderful. Not only are they super-fabulous but they carry a ton of stuff and are very easy to carry. Turquoise can basically go with anything these days. And you can't go wrong with leopard - it is everywhere this season. I am coveting these bags. I need one... really I do!!

Everyone have a safe, happy, & grateful week. 
Remember, when things get stressful...

[ keep calm & blog on ]


  1. Lovely post and blog!
    Comment and follow and I'll follow back?

  2. Love the dresses !! And those bags are amazing.


  3. How in the world have I not found your adorable blog until now?! Love it!

    I'm also obsessed with Asos! I don't think many people know about it, but I always find amazing deals and such cute stuff!

  4. awww katy!!!

    i hope you are feeling better. i'm so glad your stitches will be out soon

    stay safe, and enjoy your last week of school!

  5. Glad you got the white pleated dress...LOVE it!

  6. Those bags are super cute!! So happy things are looking up! I wish you the best on your art projects and your new job =)

  7. ummm...i need both of those bags. immediately.

    love your blog!

  8. love love the pleated pink dress and the yellow dress

  9. Ah lovely Katy you have a busy week & sounds like a very busy summer, hope we will still get your fabulous blog posts wouldnt be the same without you

  10. That turquoise bag is awesome - love it! Let us know how the dress works out. I'm curious to hear if Asos runs small and if the fabric is nice.

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie


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