Decked Out Doggie

Hello! I hope everyone is getting to enjoy spring!
 We have had some crazy weather here in the South. But, gosh, am I glad the sun was shining today, 
and tomorrow will be almost like summer. I need this great weather to lift my spirits since my wonderful best friend… my boyfriend, Tom, had to go back to Baltimore on Tuesday. Let’s just say I am having some separation issues!  I mean, he'll only be gone for 10 days. What is wrong with me? I keep telling myself how ridiculous I am to be so sad! Goodness. Help me, Lord, to walk with You!

So, on to positive thoughts and fun stuff….
 I have been surfing the web lately for puppy goodies. I was thinking of buying Bailey a little bed and maybe a sweater or two, but I had no idea what a selection would be available to me! Take a look at some of my favorite finds. Can you believe these items are for dogs? The necklace looks like something I'd wear. So adorable. I think Bailey's going to be a (boy) puppy fashionista!
Happy Spring, My Friends! 

 . Designer Dog Toy, $12, Funny Fur . Louis Dog Glam, $58, The Ritzy Rover .
. Louis Dog Coat, $84, The Ritzy Rover .

Would/do you dress your dog in glamorous apparel/accessories?
 Do you spoil them rotten? I want to hear!

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  1. awww!!! i know exactly how you feel. i'm in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend too, and he actually also lives in baltimore! he's coming to see me on friday, though, which i'm really happy about :]

    and that necklace -- i would totally wear it myself too hahaha

  2. Omgosh how fabulous is that necklace for a little dog! I love it and the Muttsoni bags! Unfortunately my dog is not a little dog and absolutely hates any kind of clothing we have ever tried on her. Giving her a fabulous collar though is another thing!


  3. I would totally wear that dog collar :)


You just made my day!