My Etsy Art

Hello my sweet readers! Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. 
I am really excited about taking on a new project for my Etsy shop today. I have started making custom wall letters. They are super fun to make and fairly simple to create - as long as you don't get easily frustrated! So far I only have two products, but stay tuned, there are much more to come. 

Please excuse my HORRIBLE photography job. I don't understand why I am photogenically challenged. 

Well, I'm pretty sleepy... shouldn't have stayed up until 3:30, ugh. I'm going to feel like you-know-what tomorrow. Have a lovely Tuesday!

materials: paper, glitter, acrylic paint

(completely hand painted)
materials: acrylic paint, buttons & ribbon

What do you think? Do you think they will sell?

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  1. Those are adorable! They will totally sell!

  2. How fun! Those are really cute.


  3. For $10 a month they can all be our favorite magazines! Thanks for the tip Katy!
    xo Cathy

  4. LOVE them!

    Do you have any more of the Ballerina prints available?

    Thanks and love your blog!

  5. Katy I love your art prints. I was thinking of doing some myself. Can you tell me were you get your prints made? Thanks!

  6. look forward to some items in your etsy shop to purchase. would also love to have a way to follow this blog i.e. email other than just as a google follower.


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