Spring 2011 Trend Alert: Sky Scraper Heels, Bows, Animal Print, Glitter, & Nude

With spring comes warm weather, budding flowers, & FABULOUS fashions. There is no doubt that this spring is any different. I am simply in love with these must-have finds. I must confess, I have spent hours (remember: I have lots of free time) hunting down the hottest items. But everywhere I look I see four styles: sparkles, neutrals/blushes, bows galore, & animal print. I am afraid I am incredibly coveting them all. The best thing about these styles is that they all go perfectly with denim & can be worn casually or dressed up. Luck, Instyle, Marie Claire, and Elle have all agreed, these are the trends you want to invest in this spring. Girls, it's time to shop, shop, shop!

Animal prints made their first debut in the early 1960s when Jackie O appeared in a lovely, little, leopard-print jacket. Later on, it became more popular with the hipster society. Icons like, Kate Moss & Beyonce are two celebrities I immeadiately think of when I see prints. Kate pairs hers with grungy jeans & slouchy sweater and Beyonce incorporates animal prints with bold metalics & accessories. It just goes to show that this off & on trend can be worn in many, different ways. 

I think animal prints are great because they add texture & spunk to any outfit. I think they especially look great with simple, black leggings & a bright top. Simplicity is key when it comes to prints. You don't want to look like a walking zoo. Keep your other pieces uncomplicated. Pinks, corals, & turquoises look fabulous with these prints. 

1. Christian Louboutin ($740)  2. Be&D ($337)  3. YSL ($880)  4. Casadei ($750)  5. Christian Louboutin ($1,199)  6. Kate Spade ($161)  7. Steve Madden ($150)

These shiny shoes are really sparking up spring! Sparkles say, "look at me, I am fabulous & I know it!" That is why every woman needs their very own pair or two (or three.. or four) of these rockstar pumps. When you think of sparkles, you might automatically think of showgirl, club, or fancy night out. However, these reputations need to be left in the dust. Today, sparkles symbolize fun, out of the box, & can be worn casually as well as dressy. 

1. Gucci ($525)  2. Kate Spade ($125)  3. Stuart Weitzman ($213)

Nudes are an absolute MUST this spring. I'm telling you, they are everywhere. The best thing about nude shoes is their magical power to elongate your legs. When you take a quick glance at a woman with them on you'll notice that her legs look longer than they really are. That is because instead of your leg stopping when it hits your shoe, the neutral shade blends with your skin and tricks the eye. They go with absolutely everything, too. From a little black dress to skinny jeans & a printed top - this cosmetic shade works wonders. 

1. Louboutin ($772)  2. Weitzman (unknown)  3. Fendi ($668)  4. L. A. M. B. ($325)  5. Steve Madden ($129)  6. Louboutin ($1195)

For centuries, bows have been a symbol of femininity, sophistication, & innocence. Why? Well, where do we see bows most often? On the tops of little girl's heads. Well, they're back & they are bringing on the heat. And you aren't just seeing them on heads. They are on belts, handbags, tops, nails (yes, nails) & best of all, shoes. If you are going for a girly girl look or just want to add a touch of "sweet" to an outfit, a bow is the way to go. 

1. Miu Miu ($525)  2. Casadei ($625)  3. Fendi ($725)  4. Maloles ($422)

STUDS! Studs are everywhere right now. Ladies, hop on your bikes we are going for a ride! I am eating this trend all up. I think it is so amazing how designers are taking this industrial element & creating such elegant designs. I must say, the two most expensive of these are my favorites: the McQueen's & Louboutin's. Both of these men are simply genius. Everything about their pieces are perfectly crafted. Now, granted they're using Italy's finest leathers, but I believe you can create great looking things for affordable prices. Just look at some of the things you can get at Forever 21. OKay, I'm getting off subject. Back to the point - I love studs.

1. Kelsi Dagger ($99)  2. Louboutin ($995)  3. Boutique 9 ($145)  4. Sam Edelman ($200)  5. Prada ($556)  6. Gucci ($836)  7. Matiko ($120)  8. Ted Baker ($215)  9. Giuseppe Zanotti ($636)  10. Candela (&179)  11. Alexander McQueen ($1285)  12. UGG for Jimmy Choo ($476)


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  2. I love shoes..these are wonderful!! Just for now though, I am stuck to flats being pregnant, I have no balance, haha!! But, its good to dream of what to buy after :) Thank you for your sweet comment, I enjoy your blog too..am following now in return :) Have a great weekend xx

  3. i love these shoes, im looking for some glitter heels and a perfect pair of nude pumps :)

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  5. i am lusting after your picks!
    those leo print toeless steve madden wedges are truly drool-worthy!
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