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If you haven't been over to Rue yet, you better get there now. They just released their March/April issue and, like always, it is fantastic. From to-die-for prints to soft, summer spaces - you will be in inspirational bliss as you flip through these pages. Here is a round-up of some the issue's ultra-fab features. 

I am very much coveting the zebra rug & Louis luggage. The gold elephant is growing on me. He looks like he would be fun little pet. I am big believer in incorporating nature/the wild indoors and the playful, lion pillow & strange elephant statue are really achieving this effect. 

I believe that these three images are from all different spaces, I just thought they looked best in collaboration with eachother. I wish my vanity looked more like the one on the left does. It seems so simple & untouched. Very lovely.

ADORE the dog spotted wallpaper! It is just delicious. The idea of a dog in a restroom, perhaps even using the restroom, is hysterical. Oh, and this gaudy 70s room.. It's not my favorite but it works.

The image on the right would be my dream studio. Open spaces, lots of sunshine, fresh flowers, ah perfection.

I want the turquoise table, ostrich, chandelier, and all the little petaled plates!

Love the right image, as well as it's quote.

"I was skeptical of blogging and thought, how will I ever have the time?' 
But like exercise, YOU MAKE TIME."

Okay I cheated. The photo on the left was found on Castles and Crowns, but I thought this amazing closet needed it. Can you imagine having, much less needing a ladder in your closet? Pretty fabulous. I love that her vanity is eye to eye when she stands. This is when a closet is no longer a closet, it is a full blown, fashionista, diamonds & pearls dressing room!

Pretty arrangements. I am such an arranging gal.

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  1. Dear Katy,

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for the lovely early morning visit :) You were SO kind to leave such wonderful words for me. I am LOVING your space over here. Every word of what inspires you I can completely connect with :) I have been wanting a zebra rug as well...among many, many, many other things too! You are stunning in your photo above. I really need to get on the horn and paste my mug somewhere on my blog as well, ha! Have a wonderful day. I am about to board a plane Dallas bound :) XO, Kelly

  2. Love love love Rue !!! So amazing !


  3. Great collection Katy! Would love to have those colorful bowls and the green emu (or ostrich?) pillow too. And of course the monograms!
    xo Cathy

  4. omg. I die for that doggy wallpaper! :)

  5. How is it I have never heard of this mag?!?! The images are so fun and I love the dog wallpaper. On my way to go check out the rest of the issue.

  6. I am absolutely loving the dog wallpaper, all the turquoise and the petaled plates! I will definitely check out Rue now, thanks!


  7. isn't rue such a great magazine! those little painted flower bowls are amazing.. awesome blog, happy to follow :o)


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