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I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!
 I went to class and then ran around all day searching for goodies for Tom's 24th birthday tomorrow.  I can't say I had too much luck…he has everything!  I thought about buying him a pair of Steve Madden loafers, but he is so stubborn that he wouldn't wear them. I can't get him out of his Nike Shox! Ugh…men. 

Any suggestions for Tom's birthday?  I want to do/give him something he would never expect.  It doesn't even have to be something that is bought in a store. Maybe a hand-written letter?  A collage?  I’ve already made him a scrapbook, plus those take forever. I could really use some creative ideas!

I’ll share some of my latest works which are more like a hobby. Some might call it art, but since it is more therapeutic than anything else, I think of it as a hobby. And if I really wanted to be technical, I would say that this is not art unless defined by some type of institute, gallery owner, or word-renowned artist...blah blah blah.  For now, I’ll call it my artistic hobby.

If I really wanted to be a show-off and post all the works that got me awards galore, scholarships, & art school acception letters I would. But those works were made for different reasons. My heart wasn't in them. I made them solely to make my teacher proud & to get into any art school I wanted. I have to admit, they are pretty to look at, but inside they are empty. That makes me sad :(

This is what I love to do!

Title: Free | Dimensions: 8x10 | Category: Mixed Media
 Used Materials: Acrylic, Thicker's cardboard letters, newspaper,
various card stock & glossy, finishing spray

This is a mixed media collage that I made a couple of months ago.
 I was dealing with some really tough situations at the time. Everywhere I went I dragged a bag full of guilt around with me. On one of my toughest nights I sat down and prayed for God to motivate and empower me with the type of courage only he can give. And, well, this was his answer. Or atleast his visual answer. He taught me how to fly again.. fly like I never had before. Even though I have messed up, he never gives up on us. Our messes are never too big for him to clean up.

Each element in this collage symbolizes something that has to do with recovery. That night, I surrendered to God and asked him to carry the guilt and shame that was imprisoning me. As soon as I did, everything became crystal clear. I honestly believe he helped me with this collage. After I was finished I broke down in tears. It was overwhelming & yet incredible to know that the burden had been lifted, the chains were set free, and I could fly again.

Title: A Beautiful Mess | Dimensions: Unknown | Category: Collage
Used Materials: flowers, paper birds, gesso, lace, buttons, nail polish, card board, various card stock

I actually just made this one last night & didn't take long at all.
 What started out as a painting somehow manifested itself into this. The meanings behind this one are a little deeper than the other. Yes, far too deep for my happy little hideway to handle. 

If it makes you feel any better though, the overall message the work is trying to prevail is: when life fouls and stains the things that were once beautiful, don't give up. God has the tendency to take those broken, unwanted pieces and make something even more beautiful out of them. 

Time to go make some more. Have a happy Tuesday :)


  1. Collages are definitely therapeutic!
    I'm glad that you found peace with yourself through them; stay strong, and I hope you prevail in any situations you get into :)
    much love!

  2. Oh my goodness, you're talented! Those are gorgeous!

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  3. My friend and I think "Free" would make a very cool t-shirt. An item for your Etsy store?

  4. Katy,
    Loving your blog, so full of life and lush colour!
    I found you as I saw a comment you left at Selina Lakes place.
    I love her books, and interior design.
    I also like to create art to lift my spirit. It's always a comfort to have faith
    All the best
    Kat x


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