I am so excited about celebrating my 
100th follower!
In honor of this special day, I'd like to begin with a little history of Pink Mascara.

When I began house hunting two months ago,
 my immediate concern became "how am I going to decorate it?" 
Yes, when I should have been worrying about costs, location, etc, I was obsessing over the design. That's an artist for ya. Interior design had always interested me, but since I wasn't a home owner, I didn't get to put my interest to use. Buying a house was a way I could finally put my love of design to work. 

After searching through images on the internet and discovering ID blogs.. I decided that keeping my own blog would be the best way to catalog my ideas for my furture home. I knew it could be a fun hobby to have, what I didn't know is how fun it would be.

Keeping up with a blog was one of the best decisions I ever made. Really! Not only does it inspire my art, enhance my skills, and keeps me updated with trends - but it also is the most relaxing part of my day.
I always look forward to snuggling up in my bed at night, escaping my chaotic life, and stepping into a world of inspirational bliss. 

Since I've started blogging, I have begun looking at the world from a different perspective. I notice things I had never noticed before, such as, the way a store arranges their merchandise, my mom's outdated sitting room, etc. It is fascinating! It makes life captivating. I am so observant now. I seem to find design in places I'd never looked before. It is amazing!

Blogging has inspired me to change my entire future/career. I use to want to be a fashion design, but after spending a semester at Pratt, I quickly realized it wasn't for me. I was lost and discouraged. But then I discovered the art of home design. If I had never begun Pink Mascara, it is possible that this love of mine could have remained dormant in my heart forever.

How has blogging changed your life? Is it something you look forward to? I'd love to hear.

Today, I'd also like to share with you some of my art. I love illustration, mixed media, fashion design, and charcoal portraits. I am a jack of all trades! Enjoy. 

(all images via Pink Mascara)

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  1. Your work is absolutely amazing... SO beautiful!
    Lovely blog, seriously!

    ~Ariel at adreamersdaze.blogspot.com

  2. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on 100 followers!

  3. Congrats! Your blog is fabulous. I always look forward to reading it! I also love your art. Beautiful!

  4. Congrats...I love your blog. I am new to the blog world as well and really loving it !!


  5. YAY! Congrats! I just hit 100 too... so exciting!
    your artwork is amazing, i love the first photo! hope you're having a great weekend!!

  6. your art is beautiful, and congratulations on your 100th follower!!! i've been subscribed to your blog via google reader for a while now, but i just added myself as a follower for when i feel like reading blogs through blogger instead :]

    blogging is something fairly new to me, but i love it because it's inspired me to share more things with people i know and people i don't know. before blogging, i considered myself a fairly private person, but i love how blogging has opened me up and made me put myself out there, for better or for worse. i just posted pictures of myself, my roommate, and my boyfriend in my recent post on my chocolate nutella cupcakes, and it's something that i would never have thought of doing 3 months ago.

    i love that blogging has helped you discover your true passion, and i'm so excited to see more of your posts in the near future!


  7. Wow your art is so incredible. Congrats on the 100th follower!

  8. YAY for 100!! Glad to be apart of your awesome blog =) I feel the same way you do, I'm new tp this and have met some amazing people and itroduced to a whole new relm of sources. Love being in the mix of it all =) Take care and have a blessed week!

  9. Absolutely love everything about the 2nd from last print. Congrats on 100!

  10. Katy, we have so much in common! I am a fashion designer and have been discouraged by the industry too and decided to start doing Interiors, it has always been a passion, but have felt kinda stuff with Fashion. So here I am also starting a blog like u and finally trying to show the world what I can do! So happy to found you, I am now following! Hope you can come over and support:)



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