Hello lovely ladies! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I can't say I did much myself. On Friday night I went dancing with the boyfriend & a couple of friends. Saturday I spent most of the day recovering.. and today was eventless! Haha. Oh! I did accomplish something pretty big though - I created my first Etsy shop today. Yaye! I doubt I will get too many customers.. but we'll see. 

If you'd like to see my site just go here. There are only a few items for sale at the moment. The original prints are of my highschool artwork. I have won several awards for them & they got me into Pratt. Everything in the shop is fairly cheap, so hopefully that will attract buyers. Once I have made a bit of publicity I might consider raising the prices. For now, all items are about $20.00. 

OKAY: I need a love guru. This has been really been bothering me lately. Tom & I have been fighting like animals - all the time. We can't make it through the day without getting into some stupid argument. Seriously, the fights are usually about how I am hanging up the clothes wrong. Ugh! It seems like we actually "like" to fight. 

So- I have come the the conclusion that there are two reasons why we bicker. One: We see in eachother the things that we hate in ourselves. Does that make sense? Tom and I are alot alike. Almost too much to even be together. (oh but we love eachother!) I don't know a solution. Why when we love eachother so much do we treat one another so poorly at times? After the fight we spend an hour sweet talking one another & apologizing profusely.. & the cycle continues. 

The second reason we fight is because of boredom. Because of the way our schedules work out, our days our filled with a ton of free time. As people with ADD, one of our biggest necessities is a busy, productive, and routine schedule. However, we don't have one right now. This makes us irritated, out of sorts, and anxious. We have got to figure out how to get it together. I want to spend the rest of my life with him... just not like this.

Any advice?

Stunning photographs. I love the feminine characteristics - these images describe my personality to a tee. Lace, flower petals, & bows. Ahh, how divine it is to be a woman! (1, 2)

Okay, so I have a special connection to bras. Weird? Yes. I started wearing one in 4th grade. YES! Can you beleive it? I hit puberty wayyy before all of my classmates. Instead of being proud of my budding breasts, I was embarrassed. Kids would laugh and make fun of me so I'd layer myself with sports bras to pad myself down. One day I wore 7 of them to school. Today, I love my chest. I am very grateful that I will never need implants! However, there were times when I wanted them chopped off. Haha. (3, 4

(5, 6)
I simply adore this vintage typewriter! I'd love to find one of these one day. (7,8)
(9, 10)

I am obsessed with bracelets!! You should see my arms right now. My friends call me the gypsy... 
(11, 12)

(13, 14)
(15, 16)
(17, 18)

(19, 20, 21, 22)


  1. Stunning photos Katy. Had a little peek at your etsy shop Im sure things will start flying like hot cakes pretty soon. Ill blog about you help spread the word. I hope you & your boyfriend sort things out its horrible when you argue all the time it wares you down doesnt it. Chin up lady Im sure things will smooth themselves out & goodluck with your etsy shop

  2. dude, home is where the art is. I love it.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I liked coming over and perusing yours. Its nice how much lovely we can find online, isn't it?

  3. p.s. thank you for linking to all your images. It makes me so happy. Also, can i ask how you found me?

  4. Congratulations on your ETSY shop ;-) I love the images.

    I'm no love guru and I even think you've pinpointed the problem perfectly. Maybe you could watch a documentary together, one that tackles some of the horrors of this world and then you realize how petty your problems are in comparison - luxury problems is probably a better description. Just an idea ;-)

  5. Lovely images coupled with a sweet, authentic voice to your post. Love bracelets myself. Have a wonderful day ~ xox Alexandra


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