Don't you love walking into a warm, cozy room? You know, one that makes you want to snuggle up with your favorite book? The following images are some of my absolute favorite comfy, cozy rooms. They make me happy just looking at them - imagine walking into one! As soon as I get a house I am devoting an entire room to warmth. 

Every image is from House Beautiful. The pastels, pinks, corals, and blues radiate off an aura of love & comfort. Soft sofas paired with lovely throws creates a space that whispers, "come snuggle!" Fresh flowers give these rooms a feminine accent that intensifies their bold patterns. 

I'd love to hear which elements are your favorite. What colors do you think look best paired together? Pink & blue? Yellow & red? I want to hear what you think! Enjoy :)

This arrangement seems so simple, yet so sophisticated. I am a collector of colorful books. They add the finishing touch to any tabletop or shelf. This space has every element in which an interior needs in order to be successful: texture, shape, contrasting colors, diagonals, & pattern. Lovely.

I just can't get over this space! It is so chic, so feminine, so warm, so classy! I love when mix & match patterns all come together and create perfection. The window allows the already warm room a vitamin D glow. How splendid.

Doesn't this remind you of something designed by Lily Pulitzer? So summery & girly!

Isn't this seafoam green just delicious? I could cook in here all day! Wonder where she found that wonderful little coffee maker. It must be custom. 

What an awesome backsplash. Reminds me of the beach. I love the windowed cabinets with italian arches. I am terribly jealous!

This reminds me so much of my room. PiNK! It isn't always easy to pull of pink on pink without looking tacky, however, I think this room pulls it off.

(all images from House Beautiful)


  1. A Warm room sounds fantastic =) I love the room with the yellow art work and white chandelier

  2. Stunning photos! I really like your blog it's so inspiring :)
    I follow!!


  3. I loooove the first image (actually have as my background on my desktop) and I am loving the seafoam green on the kitchen cabinets, Gorgeous. But I have to say that lately I have been obsessed with the orange and blue/orange and minty green combos :-) Lovely blog.

  4. Thank you for sharing these - I needed a fresh dose of spring. :-) I love the white couch piled with the teal, grey, and yellow pillows -- but I think my favorite room is actually the last one. You have a great eye!

  5. Gorgeous interiors! I'm pretty obsessed with blue and pink for springtime!


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