By Sarah Cihat

What is it?
Rehabilitated Dishware was created by a girl whose mission was to create dishware out of existing products. These dishes are made out of unused or tossed away ceramics. Her eclectic designs make a perfect edition to any chic dinning room. Each piece represents a product that is often thrown away or jammed in a storage closet. Sarah is making a profound statement about our wasteful habits & the importance of going green.

I am absolutely infatuated by these unique ceramics. Not only do they look fabulous but they also have an underlying message. You don’t find many dishes that accomplish that! However, they aren’t easy to find. Only one website sells them & they only have a select few. I would love to invest in some of these lovely works of art. 


  1. Ohh,,,, I think I am in Love with the fleur de lys....yum!

  2. so clever and lovely!!


  3. The orange plate with the bird is my favorite!


You just made my day!