Would any of you actually take a risk like this? I am not sure if I would but I absolutely love it! What would your husbands think? My boyfriend won't let me paint any rooms pink but he is going to have to get over it! It is going to happen :)

These are also wild colors. I love the gold accents! It almost reminds me of watermelons.

love these honeysuckle color palettes! Definitely incorporating them into my new house. They are so warm and inviting. I am someone who has to be in a "happy" enviroment. This means decorations must look appealing and lighting must be good. I am a picky girl!

I could so see this in Tennessee. The colors are so southern. I think I am going for something a bit more eclectic though. Still love it!

Pretty arrangement! 

Again - turquoise & pink color palettes are the best! Chandelier adds a fabulous accent. Love how the mirror above the fireplace isn't hung. Lovely.

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