Ready for a little fun in the sun? Just imagine staying a week in one of these lovely getaways. Located in the beautiful Watercolor Resort in Destin, Florida, these creamy cottages are perfect places to escape to. My family and I always look forward to May when we rent one out & relax for a week. I don't care where you live - put this on your "must do before you die" list!! 

Let your mind escape into an atmospheric abyss while you browse through the following images. You are sure to enjoy them! (Haha listen to me, I sound like a salesmen). Which home is your favorite?

House 1

How warm & cozy is this? I can so see myself making pink lemonade on a gorgeous spring day. Heaven!

Love the white stripes - such a perfect accent. 

 House 2

House 3

I am obsessed with this paneling! Such a sweet little cottage. Love the pink & orange decoratives above the door.

Does this not scream beach house!? Please let me live here all year long!


House 4
(My Favorite)

Gosh, don't you love that coral chandelier? Where do you even find something that eclectic? Just lovely.

 Yes. Be jealous my loves. I am staying in a wonderful little cottage similar to these in May! Ofcoarse, you are welcome to come along if you'd like. Hope you all had a fab weekend.

(All images via vrbo.com)


  1. Hi Katy! Thank you for popping in on my blog. It is lovely to meet you and your lovely blog.
    Well you are a lucky ducky. These look like perfect places to lay a weary head. I must say I am a little jealous. Although, I have my own plans for May--how does Paris sound? Pretty good to me and I am busy planning.

  2. Any house that has a giant porch is a winner to me!! I hope you a wonderful time in may =)


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