My latest obsession: nail art. I am constantly changing my nails. One day it's black with glitter - the next it is OPI's bubble bath, I can never make up my mind! Lately it seems like nail designs have been more popular than ever before. Katy Perry's shatter polish by OPI is one of my new favorites & can't stay on the shelves. It took me a week to find it. If my forecasting is correct, I think you are going to continue to see polish industries coming out with more and more fantastic shades & treatments. 

What do you think? Have you seen more "out there" nail designs recently? How do you feel about pulling off wild patterns or brilliant blinged nails? I'd love to hear what you think!

Here's what InStyle has to say about the newest trends for spring:

3 Must-have Manicures for fall

Mixed Metals Manicure
A smattering of gold and silver over gunmetal is equal parts grit and glamour. And getting the look is much easier than you think—trust us!

Moon Manicure
The original "moon manicure" first showed up on screen stars back in the '20s. In graphic black-and-white, the two-tone paint job is bolder than ever.

Ombre Manicure
Subtle shade-shifting gives hands a cool and pretty effect. The best part? All you need are two shades to create your own custom ombre sensation.

Other fun nail art:

All images via Tumblr & We Heart It


  1. I love nail art, too. The moon manicure is amazing... definitely my fave and very art deco.

    Thanks for stopping by The Prippy Handbook! So glad it led me to your wonderful blog.

  2. I love the mixed metals manicure....certainly my style! Xoxoxo 1942charm.blogspot.com

  3. I'm loving the black & gold one, fabulous!

  4. hey there! love that moon manicure and the little history lesson behind it! i recently grew my nails out after 30 some odd years of biting and acryllicing them, so i'm a total manicure junkie now!!

    thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, too -- i love yours as well and will be following!

  5. Gorgeous! I'm loving the glossy black with sparkles at the tip. Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  6. I've always loved having pretty nails, if only I could have my nail painted while still working at Starbucks! These are so great.

  7. The glitter nails and that pistachio green Chanel bottle are all calling my name. Great round up!


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