Hello lovely ladies! So I just wanted to update my six followers on my house hunting. For the past couple of weeks my parents and I have been looking at houses in midtown. I am so very excited! Here is our favorite one so far.

isn't it adorable? I love it so much! So this is basically what got me into interior design - and now im an addict! Infact, I am transfering colleges next semester so I can study interior design! 

Tom has been in town for the past week. We are actually still going pretty strong. We get into fights every once in a while but they never seem to last long. I love him to death. I am really excited about our professional photo shoot we are having on Valentine's Day.

So it is suppose to snow us in tomorrow so more than likely I will have posted a million entries by then. More later!

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  1. I Love that house!! I love the Classic home. My hubby and I want to have a craftsman one day. =)


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