Hello girls! Hope you all had a beautiful day. Our weather was absolutely perfect today: 75 degrees & sunnier than ever. It was pure bliss. The boyfriend and I rode around running errands most of the day. Regardless of what we do we always have an incredible time together. He is my hero. I searched for him forever. After failed relationship after failed relationship I decided to surrender to Christ. I gave my love life to him & waited. As soon as I did that he gave me the most amazing blessing I've ever received - Tom. Isn't it funny how God's timing is always perfect? We try & we try to do it our own way but it never works out. As hard as we may fight for control, He has & always will have his hands on the wheel. (I hope I haven't offended anyone by sharing my beliefs. I have always been accepting to all religions & spiritual practices.) 

Who's ready for summer? I know I am. Memphis has had one of the coldest winters in years. Ok, I have to admit I will miss my boots & chunky sweaters. I am far from bikini body ready! I absolutely adore pink & green - they remind me of cool watermelons on a warm May day. The following interiors are some of my dream rooms. They're not your grandmother's 1950s den that's for sure. 

I found most of these images off of Decorpad (an all time favorite deco spot) & several from Belle Maison 23 (LOVE her). Please enjoy & feel free to take as many as you'd like. I always LOVE getting your feedback & fabulous comments. Have a wonderful Wednesday. 

Love the pillows with typography. I have always thought that text adds a special accent to any room or decorative atmosphere. The zebra pattern completes this interior, don't you think? 

Another fun zebra print!

Can you imagine jumping up these stairs everyday? How fabulous.

Just love the art on the walls. 

Oh! I almost forgot. I have been working on designing a custom signature & I wanted to know what you guys thought. Here are a few possibilities. Which one is your favorite?





  1. Everyone of these images makes me happy! Thanks for stopping by my new blog:)

  2. The perfect color palette! We've decided to do our little girl's nursery in soft pinks and greens, and our wedding colors were fuchsia and apple green ... There's just something about this combination. It can be sweet, sassy, preppy, modern -- I love it!

  3. These images are lovely. I'm in love with the wallpaper in the fourth photo.


  4. Love all of these photos. I especially love that Kitchen with the green bar stools! Thanks for sharing these! :)

  5. I am loving the pops of emerald green in that closet shot! And I also love this blog - you have a new follower. :)

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  6. oh my goodness, those pink tufted chairs and settees are love at first sight!

  7. I feel the same way about my hubby! God always blesses us more than we can imagine if we just trust him =) Oh and #3 is my favorite!

  8. Signature has to be the one with the flower. How do you add that to your page, all these little things amaze me (easily pleased me). thanks for dropping by my blog :) love the pictures, green & pink is a beautiful colour combination

  9. These are some of my all time favorite images! And, I love the first signature!

  10. LOVE all 3 signatures, and your blog!
    How did you design signature, I really would like one too!

  11. I will have to bookmark this post. I will be apartment hunting in the next few weeks and will need ideas to decorate it! One of my must haves is a library. I love reading so i will have to reserve a wall for shelves and all my books.

    too many favorite images to just select one.

    have a wonderful day!

  12. Hmmm, I love the heart and flower signature. Maybe you need both so you can "decide" how you feel that day...! Great photos.

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  14. this is some serious eye candy! i especially love the green dresser & bamboo mirror. i'll take any one of these rooms! ;)


  15. Hello Katy. thanks for following me. Your blog is stunning and this interiors gorgeous! I will visit you often. Have a nice week


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