Dainty Details

Wow, it has been so long since my last post! I took quite a long break from the blogging world but it's great to be back. I hope you guys can forgive me from my absence. Sometimes life just gets super busy!

I've been so inspired lately by these beautifully placed accents. It seems like just a touch of gold brings a vignette together perfectly. And a pop of pink never hurts.

I've also found a vase of fresh flowers complete any room. The only frustrating thing about it is they die, and your left cleaning up an inconvenient mess. That was until I discovered these lovely artificial flowers from flovery.com. They look as real as can be and give your table or shelf that extra oomph.

Stay grateful & inspired.


Girly Overload

Hello loves :) Hope everyone is having a fab week so far. I am so exhausted today! I hardly got any sleep last night... ahh the story of my life. Anyways, things have been going pretty well lately. The new house is coming along beautifully, junior year isn't as stessful as I anticipated, and the man and I are doing fantastic. I couldn't ask for more!

Today is all about embracing the girly girl in all of us. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in busy schedules, carpooling, & business hours that we forget about taking care of ourselves. Challenge yourself to take atleast one day or even one hour to pamper yourself. Enjoy a mani & pedi with your girlfriend or treat yourself to a mystic tan (my fave!) - you wouldn't believe what little it takes to put a spring in your step.


My favorite time of the year is finally here!
 Say goodbye to the blazing heat and hello to pumpkin pie and cozy sweaters. It's fall y'all!
 I was an October baby so the love for autumn just runs in my veins. I mean, who doesn't love jack-o-lanterns and hay rides? Some things you'll never grow out of.

Here's a little autumn love to harvest your senses ;)


Currently Coveting...

I can't tell you how much fun I've been having decorating this house! The only problem I've ran into is my budget... ugh. There's so much fabulous upholstery, accessories, lighting, & rugs - just not enough moolah! Patience is key. I have to limit my purchases to kitchen, master bedroom, & art studio decorations only. The den, dining room, & guest rooms will have to wait. Hey, I'm not complaining though. I am happy as can be with they way things are going. I couldn't be more blessed.

Here's some delicious decor I'm currently drooling over (minus the prices!)...


Turquoise Bliss

Hello girls! Hope everyone had or is having a fabulous labor day weekend. I know I am! I have been having so much fun designing mood boards for the new house. The family room/kitchen is going to be white & cream with pops of turquoise, pink and brown accents. The master bedroom is also going to be mainly cream & white with light pink accents and the dining room is beige and chocolate. Stay tuned for pics and updates!

I just can't get over how much I love today's room. It just proves that it doesn't take ten grand and a mansion to create a gorgeous space. All of the furniture and accessories were bought at affordable prices from stores like Ikea and Target. I glad I discovered it via Simply Kelly Blog.

Doesn't it feel so fresh and clean? It's just a happy space. The white details give it a crisp touch. 

The owner of this fab room is photographer Katelyn James. You should definitely check out her site here. Well, that's all for today. Love y'all.


Welcome Home

Friday is going to be big day! Yep, I'm happy to announce that we will be closing on my first house! After almost 7 months of house hunting I finally found the absolute PERFECT home. I literally walked into this house and began balling. It took my breath away. I still can't believe I'll be living in it one day! I am so blessed. 

Our relator has had to put up with so much from my parents and me. He told us that we have taken longer to buy a house than any of his other customers. Okay, so we were pretty picky... but it was worth it! I am so glad we didn't settle on any other houses. This one was worth the hunt! The one and only downfall is its location. The house is located downtown in a not-so-safe area. We are planning on investing in alot of security since I will be living alone. I'm probably going to have a roommate at some point but that will take some time. In the meantime my boyfriend will have to look after me and keep me company!

Whew! I am so happy to be done house hunting and to have a place to call home. Now the real fun can begin - decorating decorating decorating! I can finally put my inspired mind to use. The only problem is I'll have to shop for alot of things online. Memphis has absolutely no shopping! Most of the furniture down here caters to the french country style cliental. My style is more eclectic-chic. Needless to say I'll definitely be hunting for 

Here's some pics of the house. Hope you like!


Been Gone Too Long

I can't decide which is more fun -
 purchasing a new electronic or shopping for a fabulous case to put it in. 
Last week I convinced myself that I needed an iPad 2. After fiddling with it 
for a week I think I'm ready to make a second
 splurge and buy a case. Here's a my current top ten pics. 
Let me know what y'all think!


I'm sure everyone thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth by now. 
I've just been so busy! 
No more disappearances - promise. 

Have a lovely weekend my friends :)


Hey lovely girls! So lately I have really been working on finding time to make art for my Etsy shop. Right now there are such few pieces that it's almost embarrassing. I am always curious as to how some shop owners have the time to make so many items! I am so jealous. I am assuming they are either stay-at-home moms, older women with grown kids, or girls in their 20s. I only have two more weeks of my job left so hopefully I can make time dedicated solely to art-making. However, it won't be long 'til school starts and my schedule will become packed again. I am also convinced that the boyfriend takes up some of my time too. He is no way an inconvenience, it's simply the fact that relationships require alot of time in order to sustain a healthy partnership.

Anyways, I spent the majority of last night searching for inspiring Etsy artwork to get my creativity flowing. It's absolutely amazing how many fabulous finds you can discover there. Something I have always wanted to do is distress wood. I've attempted it several times but failed because I never read directions. Hehe.. I've always hated following directions and tried to avoid them at all costs. Last night I finally gave and read the steps. I was shocked at how simple the process is. I found some beautiful unfinished wood on Etsy that I ordered last night.  Now I'm so excited about putting my new skills to the test! 

Here are some of my favorite distressed finds. I'd love to receive your input- and I promise I am going to start doing a better job about replying to comments!

Have you distressed wood before? Was it fairly easy? 

Distressed Love Sign (price unknown)

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A Lovely Explosion

One of the many things I love about the internet is the lovely images you can discover. I'm talking about images that take your breathe away and whisk you away into a world where all is well. You can uncover snapshots of spaces that seem to exist only in your dreams. Some of them demand you to take a moment and observe their evoking qualities, while others only require a blink to beautify your day. Images have the ability to awaken your senses and inspire something magnificent within your creative nature. I believe that is one of the reasons we love to blog. We love to escape our chaotic lives and immerse ourselves into our blissful little world. Oh, if only it lasted all day...  

I find such delight in the following images that I just had to post them. One of my favorite things to do is collect girly photos and collage them to create a fairy tale-esque mood board. I hope you enjoy passing through these frilly frill images as much as I do.

Sleep in, call the babysitter, & get a manicure this weekend! Love y'all. 

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If you are a home decor DIY freak (like I am), I am sure you are familiar with Do It Yourself Magazine. I fell in love with this mag a few months ago when I discovered it on zinio.com. Zinio is a site where you can purchase magazines and read them on your very own desktop, laptop, ipad, or iphone. It's fantastic. Anyways, here's a few highlights from this month's issue. Enjoy :)

Chalk it Up!

I love these creative ways people are turning household items into chalkboards. Chalking takes care of a whole lot of things. You can write down grocery lists, to-do lists, calendars, or simply decorate your chalky area. 

Ready for Fall

This home is already sprucing up their rooms with velvety auburns and crisp browns. 
I love the coziness you feel in the kitchen. There is a very warm ambiance in that space. Perfect for fall gatherings. The office appears to be a seamstress' or fashion designer's dream! The moodboard on her desk is filled with bold autumn swatches with yellows and blues to inspire some beautiful DIY designs.

Organized Office

One of my most favorite thing to do is organize. It is very therapeutic for me. Sometimes I just chunk all the things I don't use anymore at my desk so I can start over and minimize. Once you've cleared most of the junk away you can begin to figure out where your things can go, what you need and what you don't 
need, how to make storage spaces appear inviting and not overbearing. There are so many easy and affordable ways to make storage chic and stylish.

Total Bedroom Storage Makeover

Love the headboard? All they are is a collaboration of different found drawers. The fact that they don't all seem to fit gives the headboard an eclectic yet cozy feel. 

(( I absolutely love this DIY project ))

Want to read more? Visit zinio.com! Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday :)

[ keep calm & DIY on ]